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Freedom from censorship & tyranny

Did you know that information is being censored?

Our liberties & freedoms are being limited & infringed

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  Masks do not protect against disease:
Masks are a symbol of Social Obedience
Tracking technology requires 6 feet distance to identify us: 
Social Distancing
Think about it, if you need to wear masks to prevent droplets then why do they need to stick a swab all the way into your brain to test...?
"There is no science behind the lockdowns." Dr Drew
 "The national economies of 193 countries, member states of the United Nations were ordered to close down on March 11, 2020. The order came from above... the World Economic Forum... And corrupt politicians throughout the world have enforced these so-called guidelines with a view to resolving a public health crisis..." Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
"PCR testing is a scam... Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus." Dr. Pascal Sacré

"Something Very Smelly is Going on." Dr. Michael Yeadon
Former Pfizer VP
"The Pfizer bio-tech covid-19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the US FDA."
"It's very simple: the variants come from vaccinations."
Dr Luc Montagnier Winner 2008 Nobel Prize
"...These spiked proteins will predictably cause blood clots because they're in your blood vessels..." Dr Hoffe

Get up Canada!
Turn off Mainstream Media, FaceBook and smart phones.
Do your own research!

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