Think about it!

  Information is being censored

  They are trying to divide us


Nous devons avoir access à toute information

C'est l'union la solution


Censorship & Tyranny - La censure et la tyrannie



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"Reality is enforced with group think dynamics" 

"You must unlearn what you have learned."
Eric Dubay


<<Voici la fameuse photo de la mission apollo en plein atterissage sur la croute lunaire pour la première fois... ce qui est troublant avec cette photo là c'est qu'elle est prise de la surface de la lune... le caméraman était déjà là!>>
Mat Boylan

"Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager, worked for years creating photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA.  Now a vocal Flat-Earther, Boylan claims that NASA’s sole reason for existence is to propagandize the public and promote this false ball-Earth heliocentric worldview." Eric Dubay

"It's not a photo at all man it's made in photoshop.."
Conspiracy Music Guru

"I met a man the other day who thought the world was flat. I said man, you must be crazy where the hell's your tinfoil hat..?
" Conspiracy Music Guru

In fact my boy it's density and that's why things fall down you see. An object always falls to the ground if it's heavier than the air that surrounds. If it's lighter than air then it'll rise and will keep on floating up to the skies. That's known as boyancy... makes more sense than Gravity.."
Conspiracy Music Guru

"Obviously water is flat, isn't it... they're trying to tell you this water's bent..." Charles Johnson

Get up Canada!
Turn off Mainstream Media, FaceBook, smart phones.
Do your own research!

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